BeatQuantum Privacy Policy

This website collects, processes or stores Personally Identifiable Information ("PII") including but not limited to data gathered by web applications and comply with GDPR Article 5 Sections 1 and 2, Article 6 Section 1 and Article 7 as per this Privacy Policy.

This is probably the most honest privacy policy in the world.

The BeatQuantum Website does not collect any PII as defined in the GDPR regulation.

I use Fail2Ban, so anyone who is stupid enough to try accessing the SSH port, will be automatically banned.

The log files of our servers automatically collect the IP address of visitors, spiders, bots and crawlers. IP details of genuine visitors are simply deleted every month, I do not even bother to read them. I just reset the log file when I get the time. I do not use your IP address for any analytics. IP addresses of hackers who are not part of the bug bounty program may be reported to the law enforcement authorities.

Note for CyberSecurity Researchers and BugBounty Hunters

If you wish to participate in my private bug bounty program, please contact me. I will offer to whitelist your IP address. I will also tell you the criteria to be eligible for a bug bounty payment.

Thank you for reading. I hope you appreciate me being honest and straightforward.

Santosh Pandit